Board Position Details

BOARD MEMBER: WorldChicago is seeking professionals with a passion for Citizen Diplomacy and interest in joining an engaged, non-profit Board of Directors. We also have many opportunities to engage with international emerging leaders in Chicago and limited opportunities for international travel. And our top sectors include: Technology, Entrepreneurship, Law, or Journalism


  • Board Term: WorldChicago Board members serve three year terms. We have 4 board meetings per year and each board member serves on one committee.
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are required to contribute financially.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are not a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: Finance, Advocacy, Fundraising, Legal Professionals

About WorldChicago

WorldChicago is a non-profit organization that is host to U.S. Department of State international exchange programs. Through Citizen Diplomacy programs such as the International Visitor Leadership Program, Professional Fellows and Youth Leadership Programs, WorldChicago welcomes between 800 and 1,000 emerging leaders from over 130 countries to Chicago each year for programs where these emerging leaders meet their peers to share best practices. Program topics range from entrepreneurship to government accountability and transparency, journalism, civic engagement to education and supporting people with disabilities and many, many more.