The Well of Mercy

Board Position Details

BOARD MEMBER: The WoM is looking for leadership and someone who is a community representative as a board member seat. We do not have titles for our board members, except for the board chair and a secretary.

The WoM needs an individual who may have connections with foundations, and grant opportunities.

The events at the WoM include: golf event, a “Life Savers'” cruise down the river, a peer to peer fund raiser with Art Van Furniture Company, and an annual gala. The WoM reaches out and appeals for support for mother’s day and the end of the year. The WoM is looking for people in a variety of industries including legal, financial, medical, real estate and marketing. The WoM is looking to scale the mission to help more individuals. The WoM is also looking to expand the mission to include an intergenerational home.

  • Board Term: The WoM board meets six times a year. The board commitment is for three years, with an option to renew.
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are required to fundraise on the organization’s behalf.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are not a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: passionate, committed, responsible, forward thinking, team player.

About The Well of Mercy

Mission: The Well of Mercy provides a home for single, at-risk, homeless mothers who are caught in the cycles of abuse and poverty. The Well provides holistic interventions to the families (the mothers and their children) by addressing educational completion, providing physical basic needs, and supplying individual and group therapy in a safe environment to encourage emotional healing. The Well offers an opportunity for a new beginning through a family intervention model of support and cooperation. The families commit to a structured home life (residential) that includes personal accountability.


1. Using a family intervention model, the WOM helps women acquire a college education or certificate program so each mother is able to have a career which will lend an adequate salary to support her family and not return to poverty or government dependency.

2. A second goal is to help each mother heal from past wounds through group therapy intervention in the areas of domestic violence, grief and loss, boundaries, parent training, budget literacy, and social skills.

3. A third goal is to help each woman attend to physical well-being by attending to healthy living by regular dental and doctor visits. Each woman learns about the benefits from exercise, and developing healthy eating habits.

4. Each woman is paired with a personal mentor who accompanies her in exploring cultural activities such as going to the theater, concerts, museums and the like.

The WOM is most proud that the children who live at the Well have a solid beginning to their early lives. The children learn to share with others, respect adults, pick up their toys, eat a balanced diet, get 12 hours of sleep and enjoy other activities. There will be four women graduating from college within the next year and have careers in dietetics, human resources, marketing and medical assisting. Others have graduated from the Woman in Trades, dental assisting, CNA, and court recording. The WoM was able to purchase the 15,000 sq ft. building in which it resides. The WoM is the only long term program in the country, that helps women and children for up to five years, get out of poverty and away from abuse.

The Well of Mercy is a very diverse community and all have learned to respect differences, and live in peace and joy.

The Women have learned not to run to the emergency rooms for minor physical ailment. The Women have learned respect food and not to waste food. The women have learned assertiveness skills and to ask for what they need, but also to be accountable for their choices. The Women have learned that being a victim does not define them, that they can use their skills and thrive in life.

The WoM is looking for board members who have a passion to help others rise from poverty to prosperity. The WoM asks the board members to help spread the word about the mission in order to receive greater exposure about the success of the WoM. The WoM asks board members to help with finances through networking with their contacts, attending our events, and helping through financial commitments (give or get). The WoM accepts no government funds and relies totally on foundation grants, events and personal donations.