The People’s Music School

Board Position Details

BOARD MEMBER: We are excited for this opportunity to add to the capacity of our Board of Directors and engage new supporters with our school! We are hoping to welcome a new member to join as a standard Director on our Board. Specifically, we are seeking candidates with experience in construction and real estate and/or connections to these fields. We are also hoping to increase the diversity of our Board as to better reflect the demographics of our student body. Specifically, we are hoping to expand into the Latinx community.

  • Board Term: 2 year terms with possible renewals, 8 year max.
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are required to contribute financially.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are not a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: High-level critical thinker, team player, collaborative, passionate about youth & music education.

About The People’s Music School

The People’s Music School delivers access to the benefits of high-quality, tuition-free music education. Through intensive instruction and performance, our students achieve excellence in music that transfers to other areas of life. They grow musically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually and develop a foundation of responsibility, self-esteem, resilience, and purpose. We have impacted the lives of over 10,000 young people throughout our 43-year history.

We are committed to serving as many students as possible each year and have grown dramatically to address our long waiting list and increase program access. We have tripled in size since 2015 to serve 850 students today and are on track to achieve our goal of serving 1,000 students annually by 2020. Through our four program sites located in Uptown, Albany Park, Back of the Yards, and the Greater South Side we make music education accessible to communities of greatest need in Chicago. Our students are 5-18 years old, over 90% of color, and 100% would otherwise not be able to afford this opportunity.

Music is a powerful tool for youth development and can provide children with an alternative path. We engage students through our sequential, four-pillar curriculum designed to build musical proficiency and valuable life skills. Our dedicated teaching artists bring our program to life and help students experience all that our school has to offer. Students gain the support of a warm, nurturing community while growing as leaders and building resilience to overcome adversity and achieve success. We have a 100% high school graduation and college enrollment rate, with an average student tenure of 7 years.

Our students are avid performers and frequently featured at events throughout the city. We have partnered with the Obama Foundation, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Grammy-award-winning Third Coast Percussion, MacArthur Fellow Claire Chase, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, the International Contemporary Ensemble, and so many more. Additionally, we help our students earn highly sought-after positions in prestigious summer programs including Interlochen, Carnegie Hall’s National Youth Orchestra, the School of N.Y. Times, and the Youth Orchestra of L.A. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences mean so much to our students. We continue to invest in opportunities to inspire their growth, expose them to new ideas, and help them discover the incredible depths of their own potential.

Now is an exciting time for our school. We are taking deliberate steps to define the impact we want to have on our community and are poised for sustainable, long-term growth. Our Board of Directors plays an integral role in our school’s success. We are seeking passionate, reliable, enthusiastic individuals to build on their strengths and launch our school forward into the next phase of critical expansion.