Oak Park Festival Theatre

Board Position Details

BOARD MEMBER: We are looking to fill roles that can help us continually recruit new members, assist with fundraising and development, and provide innovative ideas for continuing to make this a theatre that reaches the community in new ways.


  • Board Term: Three year board commitment
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are required to contribute financially.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are not a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: Fundraising, governance, recruitment, financial acumen

About Oak Park Festival Theatre

We are the Midwest’s oldest professional theatre performing the classics outside. Our mission is to “strive to breath fresh air into timeless texts for Oak Park and beyond.” We bring both modern and classic performances to the greater Chicago area and we continue to perform under the stars every summer; we also have expanded into indoor theatres by partnering with local theatre companies and showcasing the work of our own artistic associates.