Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

Board Position Details

BOARD MEMBER: Joining our Board offers a unique opportunity to learn more about American Indian cultures and meet nationally and internationally recognized artists, performers, and business and tribal leaders, as well as, being immersed in the inside operations and governance of a museum. We have a small organization and need active board members to be enthusiastic advocates for the museum and work hard to support our mission.

Multiple opportunities to volunteer as a Board member are available whether in fundraising/friend-raising, assisting with infrastructure projects, planning receptions for major events, introducing staff to community leaders, business owners, and American Indian art collectors. Board members attend board business meetings four times a year and participate in committee work by attending working meetings four times a year to complete board activities. Board members are also responsible for the financial health of the museum, by being an active donor, participating in fundraising activities, and overseeing the financial reporting of the museum.

The museum Board and staff work together to tap individual talents and offers training opportunities, both internally and outside formal training programs, to learn more about museum operations and Board service to build organizational capacity. Join us to share your creative ideas, talents, and treasure and enjoy being a part of a community, growing the public’s understanding of Indigenous peoples, and improving the lives of Native American peoples.


  • Board Term: Annual, renewable term commitment, avg. 2-5 hrs/month
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are required to fundraise on the organization’s behalf.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are not a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: Collaborative, Advocate, Art Appreciation, Cultural Compassion

About the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian is one of only a handful of museums across the country that focuses exclusively on the art, history, culture, and contemporary life of First Nation and American Indian peoples from throughout the US and Canada from Paleo-Indian times to the present day. Since 1977 the Mitchell Museum’s mission has been to promote and share a deeper understanding and respect of Native American peoples through the collection, preservation, and interpretation of their traditional and contemporary art and material culture. The museum works closely with American Indian communities to share their voice in programs, exhibits, and educational resources to dispel myths and misunderstandings about Native American culture that has led to discrimination and treaty abuses. Join us to bring Native voices to a broader public, to learn from the first people of this land, and help advance and appreciate their thriving cultures today.