Chicago Foundation for Education

Board Position Details

BOARD MEMBER: We are eager to diversify our board and recruit professionals with passion for education who have time, talent and treasure to share. We are particularly interested in recruiting people of color. Broadly stated, we have four meetings annually and board members are expected to attend at least three of these. Each board member sits on a committee that typically meets via phone 4-6 times annually. This includes fundraising, finance, governance, and programming. Lastly, in terms of meetings, we hold a large fundraising event and the expectation is that board members attend, bring friends, and help raise dollars. 

Board members’ give/get $5K. We can only succeed because of our diverse sources of income, including gifts from board directors. We also look to board members to introduce us to their network and advocate for our work with the goal of recruiting new donors.

Regarding specific skills we seek in board directors at this time:
A Marketing/Outreach Pro – We don’t have such a person on the board at this time and it would be incredibly helpful to have that perspective in terms of our programming and fundraising.
A Sales Pro – This is akin to fundraising, and we would benefit enormously from their skills and passion.
A CPA Who is an Expert in Fiscal Management – We would love to add this person to the Finance Committee to augment the talent there.
A Tech Guru – We love the way IT folks think and we do not have anyone with such skills on the board at this time.

  • Board Term: We currently do not have term limits and are looking at that with our strategic planning.
  • Financial Contribution: Board members are required to contribute financially.
  • Faith-based Organization: We are not a faith-based organization.
  • Skills: Passion for education, ability to introduce us to prospective donors, critical thinking around our business model.

About Chicago Foundation for Education

We believe that every CPS student should have the teacher they deserve. To that end we invest in teachers with grants to enhance their classroom to inspire their students, as well as grants for their own professional development. We are also a convener of teachers in our annual Fall Workshop.

We recently partnered with the CPS Opportunity Schools program. These are schools in the highest need neighborhood. We provided $10K in grants to teachers, the majority of them being first year teachers. This pilot has reaped great results for us and we are looking to expand it this year.

We are currently in a strategic planning process for our 3-5 year focus. Board members are very involved as they take ownership along with staff for outcomes.

Our bottom line is that teachers are the number one factor in determining student success. National research supports that fact. Knowing this, CPS teachers are the direct recipients of our fundraising from generous donors.