Sara M Samuels

Financial Inspirer
Northwestern Mutual Chicago

I am a former civil defense litigation attorney and runs my own financial planning firm since 2008, working with clients all over the country and the world. Sara works with people in all industries; but specializes in working with people in the Creative Arts (advertising (agency and client side), branding, PR and tech) by helping them articulate and clarify what they value so they are inspired to implement. My long term vision is to empower communities financially, think the “Oprah of Financial Planning” (you get a plan and you get a plan!).

What I can bring to a board

My commitment, my connections, and my communication and creative skills.

What can I get from a board?

To make a difference especially using my skills as a speaker, connector and align with organizations around empowerment (financially or otherwise).

My skills

    • Training & Development
    • Project Management
    • Program/Event Planning & Management
    • Facilitation
    • WordPress Content Management
    • Collaboration
    • Strategic Planning
    • Mission-Driven
    • Public Speaking
    • Instructional Design