KT Speetzen

Co-founder and Confidence Producer/Creator and Executive Producer
Pitch At Us/Mother Cluckers Comedy

KT Speetzen is your favorite comedic storytelling strategist. As Co-founder and Confidence Producer of Pitch At Us, KT empowers founders, C-suite executives and thought leaders to confidently deliver their message to secure funding and grow their organization. By night, KT produces her stand-up and storytelling troupe The Mother Cluckers: comedy for parents (and those who’ve had parents). KT is launching her teen-empowerment comedy troupe, The Chicks, in winter 2020.

In addition to being a 20+ year stand-up comic, KT holds her Masters in Education and her National Board Certification for Professional Teaching Standards. Despite being a natural storyteller, KT’s heart is in producing: helping people craft and share their stories in a way that brings them joy. Current non-work life goal: somehow meeting Dave Grohl of THE FOO FIGHTERS and inviting the band over to her house for a barbecue. It can happen, right?

What I can bring to a board

I help clients by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. As both a speaking consultant and a performance expert, I can help organizations in how they position themselves to both investors for funding and externally for PR purposes.
For educational organizations, I am a Master Educator who has taught both in the Chicago Public Schools and at the University level. I have a deep understanding of educational pedagogy and challenges facing organizations due to funding, and how to analyze important educational data.

What can I get from a board?

Karma. I’m a huge believer that if you show up with your best self and offer what you can, good things will come back to you. That, and potential access to Dave Grohl if somebody has a friend of a friend (see above).

My skills

    • speaking
    • storytelling
    • educational data analysis
    • empowerment
    • producing
    • pitching