Kevin Broz

Children’s Urgent Care of IL, LLC

I am presently COO/CFO of a healthcare group in Chicago specializing in pediatric urgent care. I co-founded the business raising equity and securing debt to get the clinics built and open. I then assumed the role of COO/CFO due to my background, which is in healthcare operations, healthcare real estate, commercial real estate and finance.

The diversity of my background allows me to analyze healthcare businesses from many different perspectives. I am passionate about healthcare and being involved with organizations in any way my background and experience can be of benefit.

Behavioral health is of particular interest to me in making this healthcare service more accessible to members of communities where there is a tremendous need. So, I would like to spend the next 3-5+ years doing something where I believe my work can make a difference in people’s lives.

What I can bring to a board

I bring 30+ years of business experience running businesses for others, owning businesses (buying businesses, raising equity, securing debt, building businesses, selling businesses), and sitting on the board of businesses. I also have lived long enough to have the first-hand life experiences of dealing with relations in Alzheimers facilities, Senior Living facilities, and mental health facilities.

What can I get from a board?

I hope that my work and background can provide a valuable benefit to the organization and positively impact people’s lives.

My skills

    • Operations analysis
    • Staffing analysis
    • Financial analysis
    • P&L analysis
    • Contract review & negotiation
    • Real estate contracts & leases
    • Business development & fundraising