Karrin Burns

Flying Start, LLC

I am the Founder of Flying Start, a startup that connects high school classrooms/students with tech skills to small businesses that need tech resources. I am a licensed Illinois educator, an amateur iOS App Developer, an entrepreneur, an Apple Distinguished Educator (class of 2017), an author, and a thinker.
I believe no one should stop moving forward. Every person- no matter what age, what area of the world, what socio-economic level, what culture- deserves the opportunity to learn and better themselves and their communities through education. I want to provide real-world learning opportunities by connecting learners and community to identify and solve problems, create change, and form strong relationships.

What I can bring to a board

I have 10 years experience in education, and I am an innovative thinker and leader. I will bring enthusiasm as well as an educator’s perspective to the table.

What can I get from a board?

I would love to be on a board for a business that aligns with my personal beliefs. I feel so fortunate that I’ve had many excellent experiences, and it would be very fulfilling for me to give back to my community.

My skills

    • Collaboration
    • Critical thinking
    • Communication
    • Empathy
    • Knowledge of Apple technology
    • iOS app development
    • Knowledge of current EdTech trends, practices, and their implementation
    • Knowledge of best practices in education
    • Entrepreneurial thinking