Jonathan Matta

Founder / Designer
NoElle+ Collective

Some things haven’t changed, like how all organizations are made of 2 things: people and money. Conversely, other things have really changed, like how organizations today face unparalleled complexities amidst the chaos of the modern world. This is where I come in. I love to solve complex problems by unleashing design and creativity within organizations, so that they can align and accelerate towards their full organizational, and individual, potential.

What I can bring to a board

I bring a deep level of curiosity, heavy dose of truth, and always, democratized creative process in the form of human centered design / design thinking.

What can I get from a board?

In my view, I see so many organizations today who started something from nothing due to passion, belief, and human centered problem solving. At the same time, the endurance, grit, and rigor it takes to sustain and survive, to build that same passion into an entire organization amidst new challenges daily is really hard. By sitting on a board, I believe I can help to harness the founding belief, and bring about culturally honest change, iteration, and growth.

My skills

    • Design thinking
    • Human-centered design
    • Creativity
    • Coaching
    • Leadership development
    • Organizational development
    • Organizational design