Jennifer Hufnagel

Nonprofit Fundraising, Management & Operations Executive

I bring with me more than thirteen years of work experience within the non-profit community and have held senior-level fund development, campaign fundraising, and program management positions at organizations both large and small.

By working at national, local, and grassroots nonprofit organizations serving an array of diverse missions, I have acquired a unique breadth of experience and depth of knowledge, allowing me to achieve positive results in each role I’ve held. I possess a great deal of both front-line and back-end experience directing comprehensive programs and executing mission-critical initiatives (both revenue and non-revenue generating) to achieve organizational, financial, and philanthropic goals.

Most importantly, I pride myself in producing high-quality work that sparks the philanthropic spirit, encourages support and engagement, and creates compelling opportunities to connect with donors, supporters, and audiences in meaningful ways.

What I can bring to a board

I humbly believe that my background and broad repertoire of fundraising, non-profit management, and organizational leadership experiences would complement any board looking to develop, grow, or build capacity to bolster both board and organizational fundraising efforts.
My dedication and passion are a testament to my abilities as a highly motivated, committed, and enthusiastic non-profit professional, and I am confident in my abilities to provide both good governance and oversight to this role while driving the organization’s strategic mission in the directions necessary in order to attain both financial and philanthropic goals.

What can I get from a board?

I would simply like to contribute my professional skills and expertise to a new, young, or evolving nonprofit organization to help support their mission and drive the advancement of their goals. I would like to give back, and this is one of the ways I believe I can be most effect in doing so.

My skills

    • Nonprofit Managemen
    • Nonprofit Operations
    • Program Development
    • Fundraising (Individual/Annual Giving
    • Major Gifts,
    • Corporate Giving and Foundation/Grant Support)
    • Finance/Accounting
    • Compliance and Oversight Responsibilities and Obligations
    • Board Development
    • Volunteer Management
    • Database Management
    • Database Conversion and Implementation