Emily Carter

UX Designer / Program Lead
FTD / Designers + Geeks

As a designer and mentor with over 15 years of experience at ad agencies, media companies and tech startups, I’ve been a strategic consultant in design, UX/UI, and marketing for Fortune 500 clients as varied as Kraft, Nestlé, Lowe’s, Walgreens, CNN, Time Inc., and Beam Suntory. In addition to many entrepreneurial pursuits, I founded The Happy Career (a framework that helps career-minded individuals analyze the 8 factors of their job to find fulfillment and meaning in their careers) and am a chapter lead for Designers + Geeks, a networking organization for those in design and technology.

What I can bring to a board

In addition to my career and industry knowledge in marketing, design, and tech, I can utilize my organizational and leadership skills to engage in strong conversations and improve processes to help the company / organization move forward.

What can I get from a board?

I’m interested in expanding my board experience in business and tech to help individuals and organizations grow – and to continue growing a strong, supportive network of people in Chicago.

My skills

    • Design
    • Marketing
    • Tech
    • Business
    • Leadership
    • Mentoring