Dalia Ahmed

Customer Success Operations Manager
Vibes Media, LLC.

I am a Marketing graduate, Operations manager, and Humanitarian-driven individual. My long-term goal is to be an advocate and supporter of people through compassion filled environments and organizations.

“As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness.”

I have found myself growing and solidifying my happiness and passion as someone who serves their community and want to continue to incorporate that mentality in to my day-to-day goals, work, and experience.

What I can bring to a board

I am a process and operationally oriented person and can bring the marketing and project management expertise to an industry that is more recently starting to understand the value in those dedicated disciplines than they may have been in the past. I am compassionate towards those I am helping and put my whole heart in to the work that I do to ensure I am bringing support and quality of life to those I am surrounded by. I am also currently an active member of my company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council and have experience implementing small scale programs in a start-up/technology/marketing environment.

What can I get from a board?

I would like to be part of the change in our community on a larger and more consistent scale outside of 1-off volunteerism. I am a huge advocate and participant for non-profit work and would love to be more exposed to the inner workings, decisions, and planning of non-profits.

My skills

    • Organization
    • Project management
    • Marketing & analysis
    • Development & planning
    • Driving efficiencies
    • Solutioning
    • Software adaption
    • Salesforce management