Chandra Raju

Product Service Designer

I am a technologist with reputation for delivering innovative business solutions and transforming organizations to adapt innovation led road map. Accomplished engineer and inventor with 2 patents and 1 patent pending, problem-solver, dynamic leader and mentor.

What I can bring to a board

Dynamic, resourceful and extremely driven to solve business problems with innovative and creative solutions aided by strategy and technology. Ton of experience in product and service design across media, healthcare, commerce and retail/service industries. Knowledge of working with people and process in service sector to better the experience and relationship.

What can I get from a board?

Establish network and connections with great minds thriving to make a change and be a contributor to that change. I would like to help the board with my service and design experience to innovate ideas and strategies to solve problems. I would like to help the board that could use my emerging technologist experience, problem-solving skill and leadership abilities.

My skills

    • Logical thinking
    • Problem-solving
    • Strategic planning & execution
    • Building & recruiting high caliber talent
    • Rescue troubled projects