Connecting nonprofits with prospective board members

Diversify, engage and electrify your board

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Why Diversity Matters

To stay relevant, profitable and to continue serving its communities well, a nonprofit should have a board of directors that mirrors its community.  It should be diverse, engaged and excited about moving the mission forward.

Thursday, August 15, 5-8PM

Conaway Center, Columbia College Chicago

1104 S Wabash, 1st Floor

How Nonprofit Draft Day Works


Nonprofit Draft Day connects organizations with open board positions, including on committees and other opportunities to grow into board seats, with qualified professionals eager to help the mission.

Community Members

Nonprofit Draft Day is a great opportunity for professionals— new and old —from every sector and at every skill level, to gain leadership skills while working in service with social good organizations to help them fulfill their mission.

The Process

Inspired by sports draft, Nonprofit Draft Day explores the idea of plenty. Resources are plentiful, but not always accessible. There are plenty of people looking for opportunities to serve. Community leaders, new and experienced professional who have skills, connections, and expertise that they want to use in aid of the community.

There is also a wealth of organizations with board positions that they are looking to fill including roles on committees and other opportunities to grow into board seats. Nonprofit Draft Day provides a venue and process for connecting the two.


Sign up to be a Talent Scout (Nonprofit) or Free Agent (Individual). We’ll ask questions about what you’re looking for and what you have to offer, and create a profile for you on this site. For our first year, we’re capping the number of nonprofits to 50, so get your application in! 

UPDATE: We’ve hit our threshold for the number of nonprofits, but we still have seats for Free Agents! 


Scouts and free agents, prepare yourself. Sign-up to receive notice of new board positions and or new talent. Take the time to review the individuals or organizations that interest you most. Reach out to the individuals or organizations that interest you the most to get the ball rolling. The Day itself is a rapid affair.  Go into it well prepared.


Attendance is important— the Draft Day fair provides a chance for scouts and free agents to mix and mingle, learn more about one another and sure up the selection process. This is a media celebrated event, your selection of a new board member will be announced to all attendees and the media. Free Agents will have cards to drop into the ‘draft boxes’ of the nonprofits that interest you the most. Nonprofits: show the attendees who you are. You can only select new board members from those who have submitted eligibility cards to your box, but you can still sign-up volunteers and mailing list subscribers. Your selection will be announced to the event attendees and the media.

celebrate and serve

The selection event is celebration of connections and potential, don’t miss it. Following the draft, Nonprofits and Free Agents will make arrangements to go through the organization’s standard confirmation process as specified by the bylaws of that organization. The draft is an open offer and public declaration of intent, but is limited by organizational process.